What clients say about Maryushka

Maryushka entertained all of the guests at my daughter’s wedding. She was so much fun!    Patti K., Middletown, CT

Maryushka is a talented tarot reader with a great sense of theater about the art and practice of party entertaining. She has an infectious laugh that helps set an uplifting tone. She will be a hit at any gathering. I read cards and over a 25-year career have hired many readers to work with me at events. I have a good sense of who truly fits the role of party entertainer. I could not recommend her more highly.   Hattie Parker, MS Ed., Astrologer/Tarot Reader/Aura Imaging/Yoga Teacher

Maryushka, Thank you so much for the talents you provided in bringing your tarot card readings to Portland High School’s Project Graduation Party. For many of the seniors, it was their first exposure to tarot card reading, and by the looks of the crowd you consistently had, they were hooked! Your professionalism and commitment to the seniors in the middle of the night helped to make it a very successful and memorable event. Thank you again in helping us achieve a safe, fun and entertaining party to reward, recognize and send off our graduates!   Rob Toller, Portland, CT

Our wonderful wedding last August was extra special. Having Maryushka, the tarot reader, made it unique. All the guests were delighted with the extra entertainment. Molly & John T., New York City 

Feedback about Janet Booth

 What fun to have Janet Booth at my “dinner and a horoscope” party.  Her readings were “right-on.” Probably most exciting was to hear how Janet’s readings put my friends immediately into action. One friend mailed an application the very next day, another was up during the middle of the night researching what she needed to prepare – all because Janet was able to confirm (without asking I might add!) what was inside each of their hearts. And for me, my reading for this upcoming year is helping me firm up my marketing strategy and stay excited about the possibilities. Thank you Janet!   Jenifer H., West Hartford, CT

Our party with Janet was such a hit, we repeated it again the next year. We were very pleased with Janet’s readings and her personality!   Kim L., Enfield, CT

My fifteenth birthday was very special – my friends and I got astrology readings from Janet! It was the start of high school so it was really fun to get a perspective on what our futures might hold. Janet gave everyone a reading and also brought totem animal cards, rune stones and numerology books for us to do our own readings. My friends are still talking about it!   Sonia B., Somerville, MA  

Praise for Andrea C.K.

The reading was eerily accurate! (a shy client)

Andrea’s insight brought me to tears. (prefers to remain anonymous)

The reading was very thought provoking.  I felt as though I was seeing myself in a mirror.  Rebecca W.